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About Allied

Allied Therapy Mission

Allied Therapy and its staff are passionate about improving peoples’ lives. We strive to provide the best possible care and service for all patients and their families, as requested. Services provided can include therapeutic treatment, consultations, as well as educational and advisory services for the purpose of reducing the incidence and severity of disability. It is our goal to enable, train or retrain an individual to perform the independent skills and activities necessary for daily living. Pediatrics is something we hold very dear; therefore, we have received many specialized certifications in this area.

Allied Therapy History

1993, Allied Therapy & Consulting Services was founded & began working in a two-room clinic in Cabot, Arkansas. Through the utilization of physical, occupational, speech, & developmental therapy we began to improve lives. After expanding several times, in 2005 we relocated into a custom-built therapy clinic in Ward, Arkansas. Our 6,600 square foot facility provides a place for staff to treat all of their clients’ developmental needs. Rooms in our facility are equipped with a variety of different sensory integrated themes and activities to encourage progress while engaging the child, which makes therapy fun! In early 2011, we hit another milestone by opening a second facility. This had been a dream several years in the making but having a second home in North Little Rock, Arkansas seemed to be a perfect fit because we have been treating in that area for around 17 years. Our North Little Rock clinic serves as an extension of the primary location allowing Allied Therapy to expand on our community programming & continuing education for practicing therapists. Hippotherapy is a highly effective treatment tool offered specifically through Allied Therapy. Beyond Boundaries is an equine assisted therapy center located about a mile from our Ward clinic where our certified physical, occupational & speech therapists practice.

Meet our Founder

Beth A. Stamp holds a doctorate of physical therapy, a pediatric speciality certification, and is a registered physical therapist for hippotherapy treatment, and is the owner/president of Allied Therapy & Consulting Services, Inc. Beth has been a practicing physical therapist for 30 years and has lived in central Arkansas for more than 20 of that where she and her husband raised their two children. Continuing to give back to the community, she is the founder/president of the board of directors for Beyond Boundaries, Inc., a 501-C-3 nonprofit organization specializing in equine assisted therapy.

Services Offered

Therapy Treatment

We offer physical, occupational, and speech therapy. We treat clients of all ages but specialize in pediatrics. Many of our therapists have received pediatric certification.


Hippotherapy is a service we offer through Beyond Boundaries. Beyond Boundaries is a non-profit therapy center that utilizes horses as a therapy tool to increase specific motor, sensory, speech, and behavior/social responses. Beyond Boundaries is a place where individuals with disabilities and their families can create strong animal and human bonds and experience overwhelming therapy success. Our staff and volunteers are focused on community education, building self confidence and supplying necessary tools for independence that are specific to each client and their family needs.

We currently have 12 nationally registered hippotherapists (physical, occupational and speech therapist) that practice at Beyond Boundaries. Our therapeutic riding coordinator & program director holds an Advanced Instructor Training Level and there are only two in Arkansas.

Developmental Therapy

A child learns through play. From interacting with toys, interacting with people, imitating what they see around them, exploring and moving with confidence in their world. If their attempts to interact functionally within their environment is compromised, either by poor posture, poor motor coordination, poor language skills, sensory integration differences, decreased attention span, behavioral issues, etc., then their ability to acquire skills and learn from their interactions and explorations may also be compromised.

Developmental therapy is a discipline that specifically looks at HOW a child is developing during the most significant period of development, birth through 5 years. Developmental therapists do not address one specific area but instead look at a child GLOBALLY (e.g., cognitive skills, language and communication, social-emotional skills and behavior, gross and fine motor skills, and self-help skills.).

Early Intervention

Early intervention applies to children of school age or younger who are discovered to have or be at risk of developing a handicapping condition or other special need that may affect their development. Early intervention consists of the provision of services a child and their families could benefit from by possibly lessening the effects of a condition. Early intervention may begin at any time between birth and school age; however, there are many reasons for it to begin as early as possible.

Child development research has established that the rate of human learning and development is most rapid in the preschool years. Timing of intervention becomes particularly important when a child runs the risk of missing an opportunity to learn during a state of maximum readiness. If the most teachable moments or stages of greatest readiness are not taken advantage of, a child may have difficulty learning a particular skill at a later time.

To find out more about Early Intervention, please call Division of Developmental Disabilities/Children's Services for your area.

Mother’s Day Out Program

Quality childcare can promote a child's social skills by providing structured, organized daily routines & opportunities to practice social skills. The quality of the childcare facility is crucial. At Allied Therapy, we take great pride in offering a safe, comfortable, stimulating environment that will help in your child's social development process. Our Mother's Day Out Program focuses on the following areas: artwork, music, language, healthy choices, science, our world, & math.

Home Health

Physical, Occupational, & Speech therapy services are available throughout the central Arkansas area when the client is medically fragile and cannot be transported to receive services.


The highly trained staff at Allied Therapy & Consulting Services, Inc. is qualified to offer second opinions on services being received and course of treatment for clients and non-clients. Consulting is available to assess equipment needs, home modifications, and programming for clients involved in services at various locations, such as: schools, childcare centers, community programs, adult facilities, etc.

Allied Therapy has also consulted with prospective facility owners for start-up services to gain knowledge about therapy as a business and non-profit. In addition, Allied Therapy can be available to provide information regarding research at the community or college level.

Therapeutic Massage

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities are periodically available for the following:

  • Internship - College Student seeking related degree
  • Internship - High School Student interested in a career as a therapist
  • Job Shadowing
  • Pediatric Physical Therapy Residency Program
  • Licensed Physical Therapists
  • Licensed Occupational Therapists
  • Licensed Speech Therapists and Developmental Therapists with an Early Childhood Special Education Degree

For consideration for these opportunities and all other inquiries about employment, please email resume to: smcminn@allied-therapy.com

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